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Most key players in our industry have in-depth marketing knowledge, an excellent level of technical expertise, and the resources and networking power needed to successfully execute a yacht sales transaction. We are unique, however, in our ability to mix classic sales and marketing methods with advanced online-marketing campaigns enabled by new developments in online-targeting technologies.

What does this mean for you — and our ability to drive the sale of your luxury yacht to successful completion?

It includes the following:

  • Continually monitoring the market so you constantly get the best advice
  • Traditional marketing campaigns (phone, hard copy mail, email, meetings)
  • Industry networking
  • Advanced digital-marketing campaigns — based on consistent online-marketing and sales channels — using the full power of the same targeting technologies used by internet leaders like Google and Facebook
  • This is our distinctive recipe for a successful yacht sale. It means that you, as our exclusive client, are in the best competitive position for an advantageous and successful transaction.

Contact your dedicated Abberley sales representative now so we can kick-start the sale process as soon as possible. Give us a call or request a valuation for your yacht using enquiry form below. We will come back to you with a concrete proposal, including a suggested mix of bespoke campaigns to be implemented on your behalf.


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