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Luxury Yacht Charter

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, chartering is one the smartest, as well as most pleasurable, luxury-travel experiences you could choose.

How to charter a yacht


No matter where you plan to set out or what type of yacht you have in mind, luxury yacht charter escapes are all about the freedom and joy of being at sea and having a delightful time. The good news for our discerning travelers is that there is a charter-yacht vacation matching any taste whatsoever. Glamour, wellness, effortless family fun, entertaining corporate events, adrenaline-laden escapades, full throttle adventures – all are within reach if you go for a luxury yacht charter.  With different types of build and technical specifications, flexible amenities and specialized crews, there is a charter yacht on the market for any type of vacation you can dream of.  

Choosing your next yacht charter destination


The first decision to make when you start planning your next luxury yacht charter vacation is your destination. Yachts are based in certain locations, but they can move around chasing the high season. A boat would typically spend the summer in the Mediterranean and the winter in the Caribbean sea. Outside these hot spots, there are more and more choices for people who prefer alternative yacht charter experiences: Antarctica and Alaska, Northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, other exotic islands like Komodo or Galapagos, and even full-flowing rivers like the Amazon or the Mekong. 

Charter a yacht in your own style: sailing yachts, motor yachts and beyond


Most brokers will have you choose one of the two possible yacht charter vacation scenarios. One is about solitary bays and coves, exploring virgin territories, viewing wildlife. In this scenario, you’ll need a luxury sailing yacht charter. The other option applies if you are more into city beaches and high-octane adventure. In this case your choice is a powerful motor yacht.

This approach is correct, but it is somewhat simplistic. There are so many other aspects we need to keep in mind so you can enjoy a perfect vacation at sea. Only after we learn about all your preferences we’ll be able to recommend the right charter yacht for you. For example, you’ll need a powerful, high-speed yacht if you wish to include many destinations in your itinerary. If you’ve always wanted to visit all those astonishing spots in the Caribbean, you’ll need a yacht with a shallow draft. Some clients are happy with the basic water toys, others want to push the envelope and ask for state of the art equipment, helicopters, and U-boats. Some yachts are designed for special events and have crews that can cater to the toughest demands of the most exclusive business meetings

 Plan your luxury yacht charter well in advance 


It’s our job as yacht brokers to know the yachts, their crews and the owner’s agents. And we take this job seriously with our team inspecting hundreds of yachts every season during yacht shows, embarkations and planned inspections. The earlier you start planning the more we can help you explore all the options so you can enjoy a truly tailor-made yacht charter vacation. If you want to charter a yacht, anywhere on the globe, your friendly and highly competent Abberley broker is here for you. Choose from the list below or just drop us a message and will get back to you.  

For other important information about how to charter a yacht including prices, VAT, and cancelation policy please check our FAQ Section. 


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