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Dodecanese & North Aegean islands

Step back in time as you sail the vast, untamed Aegean to the far-flung Dodecanese and North Aegean Islands. Your luxury yacht charter could include a stopover in the capital of Rhodes, as well as breathtaking Kos. Indulge your inner hedonist in Samos, or drop anchor at the blissful, rural island of Ikaria

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Why should you include Rhodes in your yacht cruise in the Dodecanese islands? Imagine the wonderful windless bays and 250km of picturesque sea line where pristine sandy beaches alternate with impressive crags. Lots of sunshine, imposing castles and fortifications, authentic Greek hospitality and tons of fun are waiting for you on Rhodes.


Cruising around the island in your luxury yacht, you are guaranteed to find some remote coves and beaches with plenty of opportunities for first-class swimming and snorkeling. The island’s beach highlight is Eristos, where rocky terrain shifts into a fertile flatland, merging into a beautiful sandy beach.


Kick back and relax to the sounds of gentle waves lapping against the hull of your luxury yacht as you drop anchor and revel in Leros’s hidden bays and coves. With its rugged coastline, dramatic ruins, scent of pine forests, and windmills twirling in the breeze, Leros truly offers an idyllic Greek island experience.


Known for its fantastical rock formations and dramatic mountains, Kalymnos is a dream destination for hikers and rock climbers. Its coastline is mostly steep and rocky, with many coves and inlets, ideal for a tantalising sailing holiday.


The island of Kos, in addition to its rich history and stunning beauty, boasts a unique geographical location. One can almost believe the gods created it with yachtsmen and sailors in mind.


This tiny isle in the Dodacanese has been dubbed ‘the best Greek island to visit’ by Condé Nast Traveller. Symi certainly lives up to the hype. With the scores of peach and apricot-coloured neoclassical mansions tumbling down its hillside, it is doubtlessly one of the prettiest sites in Greece.


A yachting vacation to Nisyros — lying between Kos and Tilos — promises an exhilarating experience, blending culture, history and scenic marvels. This volcanic island is best known for its black-sand beaches and hilltop villages. Located in the Aegean, it forms part of the Dodecanese group of islands. Refreshingly free of tourists – it has been dubbed ‘the Greek island no one has ever heard of’ by Condé Nast Traveller.


Designated a “Holy Island” by the Greek Parliament in 1981, and also a Unesco World Heritage Site, Patmos has also been termed one of Europe’s most idyllic places to live. Many of Patmos’s beaches and secluded pebbled coves are pristine hideaways, only accessible by yacht — ideal for an island-hopping sailing vacation.


Rooted in Greek philosophical legend, the famed island of Samos — which lies just off the Turkish coast — is one of the northeastern Aegean Islands’ best-loved destinations. Samos is ideal for yachting enthusiasts keen to get as varied an experience from an island-hopping adventure as possible.


Also known as Icaria, it is best known as the island of longevity, or as the New York Times dubbed it, ‘the island where people forget to die’. This mythical island in the Aegean is known worldwide for its wonderful quality of life, which seems to prolong the lives of its inhabitants. Taste it relaxing in the shade of mulberry trees in a cosy kafenia overlooking the marina, before sailing your yacht to the unforgettable Seychelles beach.

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