If your vessel is out of action, it means you are not only missing out on enjoying your prized possession, but it is not offering a return on your investment either.

When you join our yacht-refit management programme, our objective is to keep your luxury yacht’s downtime as short as possible so you can enjoy the pleasure of cruising again and reap the benefits of chartering your yacht without avoidable delays.

You will get all the guidance you need and benefit from our professional project-management services. We will act as your intermediary with the shipyard and ensure all your initial as well as follow-up requirements are met.

We are here to assist you in making the most informed and knowledgeable choices about which shipyard, contractors, yacht-builders and designers to use for your refit, remodelling, maintenance or repair project.

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Assessment of work
  • Selection of repair yards
  • Quotes and costing
  • Financial control
  • Technical advice
  • Purchasing and logistical assistance
  • Recommendation of specialist contractors
  • Class and Flag State involvement in repairs and modifications
  • Class surveys and approvals with all major classification societies
  • Interior refits, upgrades, soft furnishings, varnish work, specialists in marble works in solid or lightweight honeycomb substrate
  • Modernization of audio and video systems to the latest technologies
  • Paint and fairing work with certified and proven systems in co-operation with independent paint specialists
  • Repaint service, including filler work, can be completed in the Caribbean-Mediterranean interval
  • Blasting and anti-fouling systems, tank treatments. Specialist for new build, replacement or repair of composite structures, masts or exterior styling elements.
  • Specialists in system upgrades and refurbishments such as propulsion systems, underwater gears, re-propping and LED lighting
  • Exhaust modifications solving back pressure problems and soot deposit prevention.
  • Engine room system updates to meet the latest requirements
  • Hull or appendage modifications. Bulbous bow work can be completed within four weeks using our CNC-prefab technology
  • Stability analysis and inclining experiments to classification. Includes updating stability booklets & hydrostatics documentation
  • Measuring and digitising existing hulls
  • Expertise in providing a zero percent VAT service

Call us or leave your yacht-refit enquiry here and we will get back to you promptly to propose a tailored refit solution for your project. Whether it’s a major refit or remodelling project, a complex repair or a simple maintenance job, our passionate and committed team can take care of everything for you.

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