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Like most websites, our website uses cookies and related tracking technologies.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser.

Besides cookies, there are other related tracking technologies that we use indirectly (via Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads) to the same effect: web beacons, embedded scripts, location-identifying technologies.


Why do we use cookies?

Our first objective in using cookies is to improve the website and provide you with the best possible experience when you browse our site. Cookies allow us to remember user preferences and settings. For example, a cookie stores the information about your recently viewed yachts for charter or for sale. This streamlines your browsing experience.

Other reasons for the use of cookies are to analyse our site traffic, to determine the popularity of our online content, and to deliver and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.


Google Analytics Cookies

Cookies allow us to monitor the use of our website and the online behaviours of our visitors, at aggregate statistical level. The information we gather via these cookies cannot be used to identify you as an individual, as it is pseudonymised data.

Google Analytics is our third party web analytics service provider, and it automatically collects information about your use of our website, how you access it and what device you use to access it, all for analytical purposes.

Google Analytics processes IP addresses and information from other cookies used on our sites so that we can track page views, see how many users we have and learn more about them, for example what browsers they are using and, sometimes, in what country, city or area they are located.


Why do third party services providers use cookies to our benefit?

Our second objective in using cookies is to create online marketing and advertising campaigns that are as relevant and effective as possible.

To this end, third party providers such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads use cookies to our benefit. Behavioural advertising services are enabled by the use of such cookies.

The information third party providers like Google and Facebook gather on our behalf cannot be used to identify you as an individual. This data is also pseudonymised.


Facebook Ads Cookies

Facebook Ads use cookies to help us (as one of their clients) to show ads to people who may be interested in our services.

For example Facebook use cookies to deliver ads to people who have previously visited our website. Cookies also limit the number of times that you see an ad, so you don’t see the same ad over and over again.

Specifically, the Facebook Pixel cookie is used to measure ad conversions or retarget our visitors on Facebook.


Google AdWords Cookies

Google also uses cookies in various ways. Just like in the case of Facebook, Google marketing cookies enable remarketing campaigns targeting our website visitors. They also help us, as advertisers, track the results of our online advertising campaigns.

The AdWords Remarketing tag enables us to run retargeting campaigns targeting our website visitors.

We also run RLSA Campaigns. RLSA means remarketing lists for search ads. A remarketing list for Google search ads needs to have a minimum number of 1,000 cookies before the list can be used to tailor our search ads. This helps protect the privacy of those who make up your list.


How can you control the data we collect via cookies?

If you choose to not allow our site (and any other site) to save and read cookie data, you can change the settings in your browser.


Other Privacy Options

Here are some other privacy options that are available to you:

Opt out from Google Analytics: 

Control the information Google uses to show you ads:

Control your Facebook Ads Preferences:

Opt out from interest-based ads from Google, Facebook and other participating companies:

Contact US

If you  have any queries or you wish to get in touch about the way we use cookies or about our privacy policy, please email or write to Office 417, 19-21 Crawford street, W1H 1PJ, London, UK.

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