Asia - Andaman Islands

Yachting around the Andaman- Nicobar Archipelago of India, with its 572 paradisiacal islands, is a one-off experience you won’t forget any time soon. Mysteriously remote and painstakingly beautiful, this is where you find many delightful spots where a mass tourist has not set foot. Yet.


Andaman Islands – THINGS TO DO

The first two days of the voyage you’ll be savouring the pleasure and comfort of a fully-crewed luxury yacht sailing to the west of Thailand in the shimmering azure waters of the Andaman Sea. 

On Day 3 you’ll arrive to Port Blair, the capital of this union territory. The city definitely has more than enough to merit a visit. Local markets, bustling and colourful, are fun to explore. Throw in a colonial era prison known as the Cellular Jail, Mount Harriet national park and pretty Corbyn's Cove Beach, and you’ll get a thrilling destination you are sure to enjoy. 

In Havelock (Swaraj) island, one of only 36 inhabited islands of the archipelago, you wouldn’t want to miss Radhanagar Beach, which consistently tops the ratings of India – sometimes even Asia – best beaches. This is impressive, particularly when you bear in mind that there are 4000+ miles of tropical coastline in India alone. So there are more inviting white sands and limpid turquoise  waters – and, being a luxury yacht charter guest, you can get to them with ease and grace. You’ll spend several days here, swimming, fishing, snorkelling, diving, having the time of your life against one of the most scenic backdrops ever!


Andaman Islands – WILDLIFE

The Andaman Sea is one of the best places to spot dugongs, and maybe even to swim with them. Then there are dive sites in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park where you’ll see tens of coral species, sponges, turtles and technicolour fish. You’ll meet a retired elephant in the Havelock island and explore mangrove forests on the Days 4 through 7 of your voyage.

Evergreen tropical rainforest teaming with wildlife make for quite a few thrilling stopovers around the Cinque Island Group in the Days 8 through 10 of your journey.


Andaman Islands – FOODIE DELIGHT

A good share of top Andaman restaurants is found in Havelock Island. The finest prawns and live music are in Something Different, locally grown produce in Full Moon Café, fresh crabs, trevally, lobsters in Red Snapper.  

And, of course, the capital, Port Blair, is a place to enjoy fresh seafood, Bengali-style cuisine served in a way to appease the continental palate. Then there is Sippighat Farm if you want to take some local spices (cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, bay leaf and nutmeg) home with you as a fragrant reminder of the tropical bliss you’ve been to.



The Andaman islands – the inhabited ones – are truly unique due to the people who live here. Aborigines that belong to one of five distinct tribal groups look like African Pygmies. They appear to have descended from the earliest humans that came out of Africa thousands of years ago. So the closest thing to Palaeolithic society you can find nowadays is here, in the Andaman islands.  Nowhere else you can get nearer to hunters-gatherers caught in a time loop. 


Andaman Islands – BEST TIME TO VISIT

If you plan your journey for winter months, December through February, you’ll be in for sun-drenched days and cool nights, pleasant breeze and ideal sailing conditions. Best time for fishing. March, April and early May are hot, calm and windless, perfect for diving and surfing. 



When you are ready for spectacular views, fantastic beaches, thrilling underwater discoveries, scrumptious food and authentic hospitality, contact our charter broker and let us tailor a luxury yacht charter in a way that suits you best.


Yachts for Charter in Andaman islands

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