North America - San Diego

Rich and diverse place, the eighth largest and the finest city of the United States is a perfect destination for your next private yacht charter adventure.


Think raucous beaches, full service yacht clubs, glorious weather year around, seals and sea lions, caves and whale watching, one of the world largest and best kept zoos, palm trees, stunning cityscape, a former military aircraft carrier turned into a museum, fine dining, welcoming laid-back atmosphere – and you’ll be thinking of San Diego.


San diego – THING TO DO 

In San Diego, you are truly spoilt for choice. Are you a lover of nature, thrilled at the thought of seeing seals and sea lions in their natural habitat? Head to La Jolla Cove. If you want to get ashore from you yacht here, seals may be blocking your way. La Jolla is also where the caves are – so grab a mask, a torch, fins and snorkel, and you are up for an awesome adventure!

Want to see magnificent sea creatures without getting wet? San Diego is a great place to spot whales, and a reclining chair on a teakwood deck of a gulet yacht or a luxury catamaran is a great vantage point. Grey whales are migrating to Alaska in pods in early spring, and December – April is the best time to spot them. However Humpback, Minke and Fin Whales, false Killerwhales, Baleen whales and Blue whales are around any time of year. You will get to see not only whales, there are also white-sided dolphins, pelicans, various birds and you’ll be able to observe them as you cruise in your luxury yacht along the Californian coast!

Californian nature is truly gorgeous, but so is the culture. There is no way you want to miss USS Midway Museum. An aircraft carrier that had been in service for 50 years was turned into the interactive museum, where you can sit in helicopters, walk the flight deck, use flight simulators and talk to the veteran volunteer narrators. Three hours will pass in a blink of an eye!

San Diego was established in the late 18th century, so there is a proper Old Town here, complete with some lovely old buildings, churches, museums, souvenir shops and restaurants. This part of the city has its distinct charm, though it is somewhat touristy. However, San Diego is also about high rise buildings, modern design and architecture – and you’ll see that as your yacht approaches the city, the skyline of San Diego is a truly memorable sight!

Over 80 golf courses, multiple theme parks and entertainment centres, Legoland, Seaworld and The Zoo – you’ll find plenty of exciting adventures or relaxation opportunities to your liking. If that were not enough, San Diego is also a top foodie destination.



You’ll have a lot of fun during beer festivals and competitions in San Diego, enjoy Californian interpretation of Mexican cuisine and appreciate a wide selection – in excess of 4 thousand – of fine dining establishments. Head to Island Prime Restaurant for sunset views, local rock crab, freshly caught steamed mussels and artisan steaks. Juniper and Ivy, Truluck's Seafood, A.R. Valentien at The Lodge at Torrey Pines and many others offer you great service, lively ambience and tasteful food.


San diego – NIGHTLIFE

San Diego is one of the hottest nightlife venues on the whole West Coast. Start from the Gaslamp Quarter and decide if you want to dance the night away, relax under the stars on a rooftop lounge, watch a burlesque show or listen to jazz in one of the trendy clubs. Exclusive speakeasy establishments, upscale bars and lively pubs all add up to the relaxed yet refined San Diego atmosphere. Check out effortless Californian fun, sultry wine bars, celebrity-friendly night clubs, crafted cocktails, and dueling piano shows will keep you entertained for hours!



Looking for a destination that is thrilling, stimulating, diverse and intriguing? You’ll find it all – and a lot more – in San Diego, the finest city of the Unites States. Just choose a boat you wish to charter, contact our broker and see what San Diego has in store for you.

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