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Caesar’s favourite place, UNESCO World Heritage site, Butrint, once a prosperous trading city, today is a thrilling open-air museum. The ruins scattered around the park are varied and very well preserved. The shady areas, the little water turtles in the pond around the amphitheatre, the spectacular ancient wall will make you feel as if you travelled back in time – particularly if you schedule your visit before or well after the arrival of Corfu-Saranda ferry.

Butrint - top yacht charter destination

Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman influence is reflected in the remains of the city. You can see the large amphitheatre – 19 tiers – capable of accommodating five thousand people and the Acropolis, dating back to the III century B.C. Baptistery and Basilica were constructed in the VI century A.D., the mosaics in the Baptistery are particularly well preserved. These two structures pertain to the times of Byzantine Empire.

The Lions gate and the ancient wall, the museum inside the Venetian Castle, the thick stone walls and cobblestone lanes and archways let you get the feel of this ancient place, of the dizzying amount of history from the past 2500 years. Even those who consider archaeology to be a science studying piles of old rocks will be impressed with this.

Butrint sprawls across a peninsula, and as you cruise along the coast in your luxury yacht, you can see fragments of the fortified walls and structures showcased by the lush vegetation.

Presently Lord Rothschild's Butrint Foundation assists the Albanian government in maintaining the site.


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