Albania - Vlore

Fantastic beaches and 5000 year-old cave writings, mosques and castles, a former military base on an island made accessible to tourists and a WWII shipwreck in the Vlore Bay, lying at the depth of 18-33 metres – there is plenty to see and do when your luxury yacht makes a stopover in Vlore for a couple of days, or maybe even weeks.


Narta Lagoon, a couple of miles to the north of Vlore, is ideal for nature lovers and bird watchers. Rich marine life, sand dunes, pleasant views and blissful calmness, here you will feel perfectly at ease, reconnected with nature and yourself.

Sazan Island to the south of Vlore is altogether different. It is a defunct military base, once called “Russia’s secret Gibraltar”. In addition to the island’s solitary bays and lush greenery, you come across ruins, tunnels and bunkers. You can’t help but feel stirred by the eerie appeal of this place!

If you are into ancient history, there is another spot to the south of Vlore you would not want to miss – Lepenice, some 15 km inland, 800 metres above the sea level, with post-Paleolithic cave art. The Mosque of Muradie, historic and ethnographic museums are attractions within the city itself. 


Local restaurants are renowned for their lamb, slowly roasted over charcoal pits. Since Vlore is a seaside town, it comes as no surprise that shellfish and fish is especially a favourite among Albanians. Octopus in Restaurant Pulebardha, clams, calamari and tuna in Ristorante San Giorgio al Porto, and, overall, most of the top restaurants have a large and varied seafood section in their menus. Strict vegetarians will surely appreciate the scrumptious Byrek, which is a tender layered filo pastry filled with leek or spinach.


Bar Da Vinci, Mazana Cocktail Bar and Milano Bar, along with a few others, open their doors at night for people who are looking to party. Coco Bongo and Saint Tropez Beach Bar Vlore is where you go to dance the night away, Irish Time boasts a good selection of beers, Kaffa - Coffee & More is about exotic cocktails. Vlore is 24 hours of non-stop fun.


Whether you are planning a last-minute seaside getaway or thinking about the best location for the dream yacht charter vacation the next year, the Abberley team is here to help you in preparing a blissful Albanian Riviera cruise. Get ready for sea, sunshine, delightfully deserted bays and coves, pampered adventures and picture-perfect memories – they are just a click away.

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