Albania - Porto Palermo

Picture deserted beaches where your only companion would be an occasional spur-thighed tortoise. A magnificent Porto Palermo Castle is associated with the name of Ali Pasha, probably the most colourful and atrocious Balkan warlord.

Porto Palermo – Top yacht charter destination

Crystal-clear water of the bay with schools of fish darting around completes the blissful picture. Porto Palermo is a must-visit place if your yachting itinerary takes you to southern Albania.

Porto Palermo – THINGS TO DO

Ali Pasha’s castle – although historians claim that the Venetians built it, and Ali Pasha only made some minor alterations and additions – is a striking part of the Albanian coast. Rising over a spit of land, connected to the mainland through a narrow pathway, it offers a striking panoramic view of the tall mountains plunging into the bay. It is a well-preserved triangular-built construction, and for a small fee you can go inside it and explore the castle, from dark and damp vaults to the top where you can look off the roof.

The beach below the castle is one of the best in the whole Albania. There is plenty of free space there even in high season. South side is great for snorkelling and the concrete dock on the northern part calls for jumps. Just nearby, if you look very carefully, you will see the entrance to the submarine pens that reportedly housed two submarines.


If you are ready to see the majestic castles, swim the blue lagoons and explore the hiking trails of Albanian Riviera, charter a luxury yacht in Porto Palermo and enjoy this wonderful country with its archaeological and cultural heritage, mountainous landscapes and unspoilt beaches. Drop us a line and let’s see what suits you best.

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