Albania - Saranda

The sensational Albanian Riviera gains momentum as a top yachting destination these days, and it is not in the least surprising, given its secluded turquoise beaches, stunning craggy coastline and ancient castles. Saranda, a pearl in the Albanian Riviera crown, is simply brimming with natural wonders and historic treasures.

Saranda – THINGS TO DO

Plazhi i Pasqyrave – Mirror Beach if translated from Albanian – is a wonderful place to be in, with gin-clear water, majestic Dinosaur rock, coarse sand and magnificent views, Corfu is just a hop and a skip away, across the gulf. The beach is a must-visit spot for cliff jumpers and snorkelling enthusiasts. The best way to get to the Mirror Beach is from the sea with your luxury yacht tender.

Historic Saranda is charming and curious, with the attractions as diverse as Hillary Clinton monument and ruins of a V century synagogue. The ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is about an hour away by the yacht, and the village of Ksamil and pictorial uninhabited islands are even closer.

Saranda is a brilliant diving destination: two impressive wrecks and plenty of scenic caves, great transparency and good visibility. Novice divers will appreciate a 10 m deep Shtëpi e Sirenë, a beautiful cavern with picturesque corals and numerous schools of fish darting around the diver.


Veal stews and layered pies, cabbage rolls and baked lamb with yogurt sauce, crystallized fruit and excellent wines, a cruise in Albania is a foodie’s delight.

Saranda may be a relatively small town, but its fine dining establishments are up to a very high standard.  The town is particularly well known for its seafood restaurants. Mare Nostrum Cuisine, SeaSide Artist Terrace Bar Restaurant and Paradise Iguana Club offer fusion European cuisine, wonderful desserts and splendid sea views.


Jericho Cocktail Bar is about cool music, live djs and excellent flavourful cocktails. It’s right on the waterfront, in the centre of pedestrian area, you won’t have to go far. View Bar Terrace is uphill, with a panoramic view over the city, the bay and Corfu. New Space is next to the seaside promenade, not very far from Jericho Cocktail Bar, but here it’s quieter, and their Caffe corretto with Baileys or Long Island Iced Tea will put you in the mood for a fun-filled night out.


You thought you’ve been all over Europe already, but the Old World found yet another way to surprise and delight you – Albanian Riviera in general and Saranda in particular is a burgeoning destination yachting destination you’ll want to see with your own eyes. Abberley Luxury Yachts have a sizeable group of yachts for you to choose from for your ideal Mediterranean yacht charter vacation.

Yachts for Charter in Saranda

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