South Pacific - Tahiti

Tahiti is the perfect blend of luxury and simple charm. Outside the vibrant capital, you’ll find a mountainous interior and deep blue lagoons.



It is the largest French Polynesian island, cool, authentic, mesmerizing and thrilling. You come here to experience the delightfully offbeat urban life, see shoals of fish darting around as you wade in the translucent aquamarine water, dig your toes in the black sand of Tahitian beaches, meditate behind a waterfall and proudly claim your place in the rows of magnificent ocean-going yachts moored at the anchorage near the city of Papeete.


Tahiti – THING TO DO 

With a destination so diverse and opportunities so numerous, you just have to take your pick from the treasure trove of exquisite adventures: how about swimming in a cave and feeding freshwater eels for starters? And then watch the glorious, impossible barrelling waves near the Teahupoo village surf break? Climb through the lava tube to get to a waterfall? Watch humpback whales from July to October or dolphins and green turtles year round? Dive off the back of your luxury yacht and explore the majestic world under the sea? Search for pretty cowrie shell trinkets and take in the multilevel fragrance of the many flowers in the Municipal Market in Papeete?

In any case, don’t miss Notre Dame Cathedral not far from the main wharf. Its amazing stained glass windows and unique Polynesian-style icons inside contribute to overall Gauguin-esque feel of this 19 century Catholic Church. Sitting next to worshippers in the coolness of the Cathedral, you’ll partake of the ambience of many masses celebrated here.



Golden brown fried breadfruit, roasted plantains, fresh seafood and lovely desserts – in Tahiti you are spoilt for choice. Prepare to be seduced by exotic flavours and intricate textures, thrilled by legendary local specialities (including delicious, full-bodied wines), favourably impressed by fancy restaurants with French and Italian cuisine or authentic local snack bars and roulottes, the food trucks, where you can catch anything from delicate French crepes to Chinese fare. 

Le Grillardin with its classical French cuisine, L'O a La Bouche with the open kitchen so you can observe how everything is made – try their raspberry tarts with Tahitian vanilla – and Le Souffle are all in Papeete. Le Lotus, with its Asian cuisine and fantastic panoramic views, is in Papeete suburb, Faa’a. Culinary scene in Punaauia is full of delightful finds, here you come to savour dishes like tuna caught in the morning, dressed with coconut, cucumber and citrus.



Nights in Tahiti are about music and dancing. Feel the beat of traditional Polynesian tunes, tap to the rhythm of movements of grass skirted dancers, watch impressive artful fire performances, dance the night away in Paradise Night Club Tahiti or opt for a solo piano concert. If there is anything needed to make your luxury yachting vacation complete, it is the Tahitian nights, unbelievably hot and inexplicably spellbinding, packed with action, sound, movement and passion.


Tahiti – Charter a Yacht in French Polynesia

Society Islands present a gusher of opportunities for luxury experiential travel. Charter a yacht with us and explore the wonderful island retreats, hidden beaches, off-the-beaten-track delights of Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Fiji and other South Pacific destinations.


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