Explorer charter yachts can reach places few people get to experience. Cruising in Alaska’s breathtaking fjords and watching icebergs float by from the deck of your luxury yacht is a charter experience you will always remember.

For an extraordinary luxury charter, the icy cruising grounds of Alaska offer everything you could dream of and more. Expect an extremely private, secluded experience - because many areas along the coast are inaccessible by road, they are left beautifully untouched.

Aboard your private yacht you’ll have a prime view of Juneau and Margerie glaciers in the Glacier Bay National Park. Take in the grandeur of these natural sculptures from the deck of your yacht, as you experience all that a luxury charter in Alaska offers. 

Alaskan wildlife is truly one-of-a-kind. If you’re lucky, you’ll admire the strength and power of a grizzly bear, or spot a humpback whale languishing alongside your yacht. Alaska is a bird-lover’s paradise – attentive charterers will spot bald eagles, song sparrows and perhaps even puffins. 

Cruising in breathtaking fjords and watching icebergs float by from the deck of your luxury yacht is a charter experience you will always remember. You’ll see an incredible variety of wildlife including humpback whales, Alaska brown bears, eagles and orcas. If you want to connect with nature, Alaska is a must for your next adventure charter.

The inland Alaskan arctic is one of the best places to see the mystical Northern Lights due to clearer skies. If experiencing this incredible phenomenon for yourself is a priority, be sure to charter a yacht during the Alaskan winter – it’ll be worth braving the freezing temperatures. 

Best time to go

Anytime between May and August is ideal for spotting wildlife (May and June for seeing orcas, July for humpback whales) hiking and visiting national parks, but if you’re wanting to see the Northern Lights, your best chance is from mid-September to late April.

Insider tip

Alaska has some of the best seafood in the world; be sure to try the halibut and the Alaskan king crab, perhaps in a hearty crab bisque.